Delicious Winter Pithas in Bangladesh

Bangalis are known for their love of pithas or traditional homemade cakes which are a specialty during the winter season. Winter is incomplete without the aroma of the pithas attracting everyone’s attention. With the varieties of pithas prepared during this time, from steamed to fried, from white to golden, from crispy to juicy, everyone can get their hands on something they really like. Apart from the winter season, these pithas can also be found on special occasions like weddings, Eid celebrations, Puja celebrations etc.

Traditional Mouth-watering Winter Pitha in Bangladesh

With the forthcoming winter approaching fast, let us look at 8 such delicious winter delicacies that have always made people crave for them.


Patishaptas are long and thin rectangular crepe rolls that ooze out delicious puree made out of shredded coconut or molasses that have been caramelized. The thin crepes can be made with refined rice flour and semolina. The warm, gooey and sweet stuffing of these pithas are the highlights as they immediately satisfy the heart and the appetite. The filling is often replaced by kheer or kheersha which is basically the wet pudding that Bangalis love to have as dessert.

Patishapta is a versatile pitha as it can be cooked in different ways. Some people also like to have it as a savory dish by adding vegetables and meat as the puree inside the crepe. These pithas are suitable for breakfasts as they do not require much time to prepare and are also suited for occasions as they bring out the festivity in everyone.

Bhapa pitha

Bhapa pitha is a classic Bangladeshi winter pitha. Most households prepare this delicious goodness in their homes. But if someone is feeling too lazy to cook these, they can also get them on the roadside stalls and carts during winter.

 bhapa pitha iter cake

Bhapa pitha

Bhapa pithas are steamed rice cakes that use freshly ground flour as its exterior portion. The white textured cover is similar to many South Indian dishes. As one breaks through the rough exterior, they are greeted with a scrumptious burst of sweetness that evolves from the jaggery. The jaggery is often substituted with molasses and coconut. The steam from the freshly cooked bhapa pithas are a delight for myriads of people on the roads and inside the houses during winter.

Chitoi pitha

The perfect way to describe these pithas is to call these rice-based pancakes. Chitoi pithas are another street side favorite winter snack for Bangladeshis. These pithas are usually tasteless or a little salty by themselves, but since they come with a range of condiments, people love to have them all the time. The condiments include dips of mustard, coriander and sometimes even dried fish paste. The warmth from the pithas and the punch of the pastes they are dipped in together create a palatable experience for the people.

 Kolar pitha winter cake

Kolar pitha

Kolar pitha

Kolar pitha is a snack for adults and children alike in the winters of Bangladesh. Because of the smaller sizes of these pithas, one can have quite a few at a time and with great interest. The cooking process is also comparatively easier than the rest. To make these banana rice cakes, a batter is made out of blended rice flour, water, jiggery and bananas. The batter is then dropped in boiling oil and fried till they swell up and take a golden brown hue. These pithas are an excellent combination of crunchy and soft at the same time when cooked to perfection.


Til er pitha

It is made from sesame and rice. Rice flour is basically distributed in a ring in a cast iron pot and heated. To prepare this sumptuous pitha, Put milk, flour and rice flour in a bowl and whisk well so that no lumps remain. Mix sugar, sesame and coconut in a separate bowl. Mix well and save. Heat the non-stick pan and grease with butter.

 Til er pitha

Til er pitha

Pour 2 tablespoons of dough and divide into small, round, thin pitha. Fry both sides lightly and spread a portion of the coconut and sesame mixture in half and cover with the other half to form a semicircle. Repeat the same to make more pitha with the rest of the ingredients. Now it is time to gobble these up while they are still hot as that is when it tastes the best.


Puli pitha

Puli pitha is a type of traditional pitha popular in Bangladesh. It’s the desert version of dumplings. This pitha is made with rice cakes and sweet fillings containing coconut, sugar, molasses and milk.

 Puli pitha winter cake

Puli pitha

Cook these pithas at home by preparing the filling with coconut and jaggery. Continue stirring until it is sticky. Make the dough by boiling 3/4 cup water with salt. When it boils, add the rice flour. Mix well, let cool. Knead the dough thoroughly and roll a large medium-thick roti on the rice flour countertop. Use a round object to cut the roti into smaller roti. Place the contents in the middle and close the edges with your fingertips. Steam in a steamer for 34 minutes. Before steaming, oil the pot on which the pitha is placed and steam it. Otherwise, it may stick to the pot.


Pakan pitha/ Tel er pitha

Pakan pitha, commonly called tel er pitha, is made from rice flour and then sweetened with date palm sugar to be fried in hot oil. These pithas are mostly crispy on the outside while sticky and soft on the inside.

 Pakan pitha Tel er pitha

Pakan pitha/ Tel er pitha

In terms of weight than the donuts, the handmade ragged edges are slightly denser and crispy. The secret lies in the cooking, and there seems to be some magic in its creation. It is very exciting to watch the dough melt in dark hot oil against the backdrop of a traditional casserole pan. As the dough rises, small wrinkled edges appear and eventually acquire a deep coppery tint.


Nakshi pitha

Nakshi Pitha is a rice cake with various patterns made in villages and urban areas of Bangladesh. It is a culinary art and important female folk art. This pitha is made from raw rice and then flowers and the patterns on the dough are handcrafted using dates, twigs, needles, patterned clay, stone, wood or metal molds. Then they finish cooking by frying the pitha in hot oil and dipping it in sugar syrup. Nakshi pithas in different flavors and forms are made at various social and religious occasions such as Eid, Puja, weddings and so on.

 Nakshi pitha winter cake

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